Why You Choose Us

CLEEMS Cleanroom System Engineering and Material Co., LTD has been in business since 1996. We are a Clean Room Engineering & Consultant company in China.

CLEEMS supplies the most advanced clean rooms of optimum design and manufacture to satisfy the diversified needs of our clients in a wide variety of fields covering the most advanced industries. Our clients as follows: Intel, AMD, National Semiconductor (USA), STS Microelectronics, Sony, Roche, Baxter, Wyeth etc.

CLEEMS was set up by Shanghai Electronics Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd (SEEDRI) and China Electronics System Engineering Co., Ltd (CESEC).

We have a long business partner relationship with M+W Zander, Bechtel, JACOBS etc.

CLEEMS Cleanroom System Engineering and Material Co., LTD, provides multi-model Clean Room to fit your needs.

Trustworthy: Always tell you the truth.
Profession: Great experience & high professional standards.
Efficiency:Speed & high added value.
Service :One-stop service. Good before and after sales service.

Our Service
All Kinds of Clean Room, Special for such industries;
Microelectronic Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Biological Industry
Hospital Engineering
Animal Laboratory
Food Industry
Agricultural Engineering
Chemical Industry
Precision Processing Industry
Space & aero Industry

Overtaking Advantage

BIM Building Information Modeling
VR Virtual Reality
Big Data Applications in factories.
FMCS (Facility Management and Control System)
With our System Platform, we integrate the technologies of BIM, VR, Big Data Analysis etc,
Our Target is building Smart Factory.