Cleanliness requirements for cleanrooms in various industries

  • CLASS 1,  Mainly used in the microelectronics industry for the manufacture of integrated circuits, the precision requirements for integrated circuits are sub-micron.
  • CLASS 10: Mainly used in the semiconductor industry with a bandwidth of less than 2 microns.
  • CLASS 100: It can be used in aseptic manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry, etc.
  • CLASS 1000: Mainly used for the production of high-quality optical products, but also for testing, assembling aircraft gyroscopic instruments, assembling high-quality miniature bearings, etc.
  • CLASS 10,000: Mainly used for the assembly of hydraulic equipment or pneumatic equipment, and in some cases also used in the food and beverage industry. In addition, class 10,000 cleanrooms are also commonly used in the medical industry.
  • CLASS 100,000 – CLASS 100,000 cleanrooms are used in many industrial sectors, such as the manufacture of optical products, the manufacture of large electronic systems for smaller components, the manufacture of hydraulic or pneumatic systems, the production of food and beverages, the medical and pharmaceutical industries also used frequently.
  • Producers build their own cleanrooms according to their own process requirements. Especially in the high-tech industry.


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