Large Area and High-rise cleanroom with constant temperature & humidity

Main points of Large Area and High-rise cleanroom with constant temperature & humidity. Mainly refers to the cleanroom with a height greater than 10 meters.

1. Due to the large area of the enclosure structure, the heat transfer increases, and the indoor temperature and humidity are more easily affected by the outside air. Therefore, the walls of the workshop should use materials with good thermal insulation properties to minimize the impact of external air on the interior.

2. The source of moisture in the workshop is not only the internal generation, but also the moisture brought by the air infiltrated from the outside. If moisture continues to enter the workshop, it will cause excessive humidity. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a certain positive pressure in the workshop in order to better meet the requirements of humidity control.

3. If there is only an environmental control requirement for the area under a certain height of the workshop, according to the actual use situation, an appropriate airflow organization form can be adopted at the corresponding height as the work area to regulate the spatial gradient, time gradient, temperature and humidity, and reduce the energy consumption.



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