High-precision temperature and humidity controlled cleanrooms

High-precision constant temperature and humidity mainly refers to the temperature fluctuation range control ±0.1 ℃,  ±0.2 ℃…0.5 ℃,  relative humidity fluctuation range control ± 2%, ± 3%…± 10%

1. Adopt fresh air air conditioning unit MAU + internal circulation air conditioning unit RCU. The MAU is used for humidity control, and the RCU is used to eliminate indoor heat and humidity. The temperature and humidity are independently controlled.

2. The design principle of large air volume and small enthalpy difference, the time constant of the air circulation system is small, and the controller can give feedback quickly after the sensor detects the temperature change;

3. According to the process characteristics of the constant temperature and humidity space and the room form, the form of air supply and return air should be arranged reasonably to ensure a reasonable air flow organization in the room and realize the rationality, uniformity and controllability of the temperature gradient in the workshop.

4. For precision measurement industries (such as three coordinates), it is also necessary to consider the cross-sectional wind speed of the air to avoid the influence of airflow on measurement accuracy.



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