Type 1 silicone airtight panel

  • Flush both sides with optional antistatic steel sheet, airtight silicone sealed between the panels, with load bearing capability.
  • Thickness of panel 50/ 100mm
  • Max Length of Wall Panel 6000mm
  • Max Length of Ceiling Panel 2500mm
  • Standard Width of Panel 900/ 1200mm
  • Surface Material T=0.6/ 0.5mm Double Powder Coated Steel Sheet
  • Inner Function Cable Can Be Pre-Planted
    Core Material rockwool/ Paper Honeycomb/ Aluminum honeycomb/Gypsum board

Type 2 Modular Bay Partition System
•  Modular Cleanroom Wall System is designed for easy removal of wall panels without disturbing adjacent panels or ceiling (non-progressive) minimizing contamination possibilities to the cleanroom environment. The wall system is designed for environments within the micro-electronics industry and all supporting and related industries.

Selection of single panel:
1.2 mm antistatic powder coated steel sheet.
5mm double antistatic aluminum honeycomb panel
5mm double antistatic paper honeycomb panel.
Selection of double panels:
1.2 mm antistatic powder coated steel sheet.
50mm double antistatic aluminum honeycomb panel.
50mm double antistatic paper honeycomb panel.       

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